Notes and Essays on Issues

Some thoughts I've bothered to jot down over the years:

The Social Security Debate
Summarizes Social Security debate in outline form

Outline: Arguments Justifying Racial Preference-Based Affirmative Action
Summarizes arguments for / against race-based affirmative action

A Thought on Affirmative Action
Thoughts on affirmative action and racism

Necessary Conditions for Justifying Church-State Separation under Utilitarian Theory
About addressing problems such as, "If Catholicism holds true, why wouldn't I want to be born in Inquisition-era Spain?" using utilitarian theory; also, whether or not John Rawls has an answer to this problem

An essay contest winner I delivered as a speech to the local chapter of the VFW when I was a 15-year-old; my ideas were much younger at the time, but I do hold to much of what I said

Does Money Teach Kids the Wrong Things?
My letter to The Wall Street Journal on monetary incentives in raising children

Empiricist Objections to John Rawls' A Theory of Justice
Whether or not John Rawls' circumstances of justice hold in all cases

"True" Communism?
Regarding an unsuccessful cop-out from historical analysis of communism's performance

Assessing Some Arguments Against Vouchers
Extremely brief argument around school choice

"The Truth Lies Somewhere in the Middle": Does It?
Regarding moderation

My letter to the editor regarding pacifism
To the Purdue student newspaper, following September 11th

La mano de obra barata y la economía latinoamericana (Spanish)
Sobre los problemas de los salarios peores de los obreros latinoamericanos

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