Assessing some arguments against vouchers:

1)      Unconstitutional violation of separation of church and state to sponsor religious schools

a)      But no particular religion is sponsored by voucher plans; any religion or lack of religion is essentially free to open a school. Similar to GI bill in which soldiers can spend money at a college of their choosing

b)      Can put stipulation / regulation on voucher money that it be spent at a non-religious school, or on a non-religious educational program at a religious school

2)      Would shut down public schools

a)      Actually, only public schools which are not up to a market level of competition

b)      Inefficient schooling not inherently worth keeping around expand the capacity of successful programs instead, which would be the only way to move students out of unsuccessful programs

3)      Would proliferate religious education

a)      3.1. Only if this form of education is more appealing in the market

b)      3.2. Only if religious instruction is not regulated

4)      Would just up the price of private education

a)      Actually, would also increase competitiveness of lower-cost education

b)      Private schools actually spend less money per student, so competitive schooling may eventually either increase quality of schooling or decrease expenses

c)      Schools must compete on price

d)      Price control / regulation of voucher-eligible school programs, whether a good idea or not, technically allowed